Best Ways to Keep Ahead of Competition

In everything we do, we are living in a world of intense competition. You have to be better than everyone else to survive and succeed. As a business, you need to maintain your market share and stay ahead of the competition. Competition exists in every sector of the market. Even in businesses that have a monopoly, they also have some form of competition they have to deal with.

To stay ahead of the competition, here are simple and powerful ways to go about it.


Solve customer pain points

The first step to establishing yourself as a monopoly is to identify and solve your customers’ pain points. The issue here is to provide solutions to your customers and provide them with what they want. You only need to fulfill their needs and not to sell anything. Your products and services will automatically start to sell more the moment you solve your customer problems.


Build your niche

You need to build your niche and have more room for your business. Any more crowded market will have less scope for expansion. To build your niche, it is important to offer something unique to your customers. You can create your niche through storytelling around your products. When you tell a story, you become part of your prospects’ lifestyle. Also, focus on specialization as it leads to a scalable and successful business.


Get pricing right

A perfect pricing strategy will be based on market psychology. Before you can set your pricing, you must understand the competition. You need to identify who among your competitors is offering the best value for money. The price you set should be standard and have a competitive advantage. Every market will have three segments – which include the lower, middle, and upper classes. It is upon you to position your pricing according to the market you are interested in.


You should always make innovation with your best friend. When you innovate, you can create a powerful disruptive force that can send your competition packing. You need to innovate with your products and services and never shy to take risks. Make use of technology to enhance the capabilities of your business. Remind your competitors you are constantly innovating and always be unpredictable.

Offer great customer service

Customers are the life of your business. A happy customer results in more sales and profits for your business. Success in your business will be realized by offering great customer service. People love businesses that offer exceptional customer service. If you can delight your customers with great customer service, you will make them be loyal customers who will be willing to refer your business to your friends and family.

Hire passionate employees and train them to understand your products and services. Ensure your employees are patient, they are good listeners and can satisfy the demands of your customers. Have a customer care team that is always courteous and respectable. They should also be accommodating, and responsive to customer queries. Work toward establishing a brand defined by customer excellence.