How to Resolve Workplace Conflict

When employees from different backgrounds, styles, and diversities come to work together, workplace conflict becomes inevitable. While working in a towing service field, we had teams from different diversities, and managing conflict was top on our list to create harmony and a safe working environment. Workplace conflict can occur in different ways. It can be between employees, between supervisors, among entire teams, among others. As difficult as the issue may be, it is very important to manage conflict.

Here are top ways to manage workplace conflict;

Embrace communication

Well established work environments are created by ensuring employees communicate with respect and do not use offensive language. Employees should show tolerance and be open to accepting differences among each other. They should demonstrate respect to each other regardless of the position someone holds in an organization. There is a mechanism to resolve interpersonal issues and resolve tension and conflict most nobly. Such organizations embrace open communication and there are well-set channels to facilitate communication.


Capable human resource

The human resource department should be capable, functional, and competent. It should develop and implement workplace conflict policies and procedures that create and manage conflict effectively. Human resource professionals should be involved in settling workplace conflicts especially those between employees and their supervisors. Teams should be encouraged to solve conflict among themselves, and human resources should only be involved when matters escalate.


The role of employees

Supervisors and managers have the highest role in managing workplace conflict. However, the first step to solving conflict should always start with the employees themselves. Employees are advised to solve their conflicts internally and an external source must only be called upon when internal teams can’t reach an agreement. Organizations also need to employ rational people who can handle and manage themselves. There should be set guidelines that spell out how the conflict should be managed and handled.


Conflict management training

To curb the adverse effects of conflict, managers and human resource professionals are now turning to conflict management training. It is a kind of training that takes many forms and covers a lot of topics. Conducting this training happens through workshops and one-to-one sessions. Human resource specialists select an approach that is based on the type of workplace conflict and needs to be sufficiently addressed.


Developing strong employee relationships

When conflict occurs, it must be resolved quickly and satisfactorily. It is always important to try to prevent conflict. This is done by creating a harmonious environment that discourages conflict from happening in the first place. Such an environment is created from interactive communication, trust, and ethical behavior. there should be clear expectations and employees need to know what to expect from their supervisors and managers.

there is no single approach or strategy in creating a positive workplace environment. There are different tools used by human resources and management to foster a better working environment. Employees need to understand how workplace conflicts can be resolved. Organizations should aim at communicating their expectations via human resource policies, employee handbook, and written contracts and agreements.

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